St.Mary's Orthodox Church, St. Louis
151 St. Cin Lane, Hazelwood, MO 63042
Celebrated Silver Jubilee in August 2015


Regular Schedule

Morning Prayer starts at 8:00 AM and Holy Liturgy starts at 8.45 AM on every Sunday. Evening Prayer start at 6:00 pm on every Saturday. Liturgy Service will be in English for First, Third and Fifth Sundays. On Second, Fourth and Feast Sundays, service will be in Malayalam. 

Schedule of Special Events for 2019

Time Event
1/27/19  11am
 Sunday school midterm exam
4/7/19  11am  Sunday school annual competitions Day-1
4/28/19 11am Sunday school annual competitions Day-2
4/14/19  8am Palm Sunday - Holy Liturgy
4/17/19 6.30pm - 8pm Holy Liturgy - Maundy Thursday Service (Held on Wednesday night)
9.00am to 3pm
Good Friday Service
4/20/19 10am  Holy Liturgy on Holy Saturday
4/21/9 12pm Easter Service
5/5/19  11am Sunday School Annual Exam
6/16/19  8:45am Holy Liturgy and Pentecost Sunday
TBD  5pm  FOCUS Community Service
7/13/19  9.30am - 2pm
 Church Carnival
07/24 - 07/26/19 10am - 2pm  OVBS
4.00pm - 8.00pm
 Saturday - Meeting of Spiritual Organizations/Prize distributions
Sunday: Holy Liturgy and Patron's Day Celebrations
TBD  5pm  FOCUS Community Service
12/7/19 9am - 7pm
Church Xmas Carol
12/24/2019  6pm-9.30pm  Christmas Service and Holy Liturgy

St. Mary's Orthodox Church
 151 St. Cin Lane,

Hazelwood, Missouri 63042